Beyonce teams up with UN to encourage good deeds on World Humanitarian Day

By Hilary Gridley

Most of us will never have the chance to join Beyoncé on stage. Fortunately, there’s an even better way to stand up with the pop star and turn one day into a global day of action for humanitarian efforts as part of her “I Was Here” campaign.

Beyoncé is joining the United Nations and humanitarian aid organizations around the world to bring a billion people a message of hope on World Humanitarian Day. You can add your voice here and your message will be stored until August 19, when they will all be released together with a special music video for Beyoncé’s song “I Was Here.”

In addition to sending a message, Beyoncé is asking volunteers to do one good deed for another person–whether it’s making a sandwich for a homeless person, standing up for someone being picked on, donating old clothing, or mowing a neighbor’s yard. It may be one small thing, but together with hundreds of thousands of other concerned individuals, these actions can add up into something massive and meaningful.

World Humanitarian Day commemorates the August 19, 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, which killed 22 people. The day recognizes those who face danger and adversity to help others.

Beyoncé’s “I Was Here” campaign works with a number of humanitarian organizations, including United Nations Population Fund, Action Aid, Care International, International Rescue Committee, and World Food Programme.

“We all see the headlines and think, ‘What can I really do to help?’” Beyoncé noted. “World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity for all of us to work together to make a difference.”

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