Ke$ha receives Humane Society’s highest honor for her animal advocacy work


By Sarah Weiss

If you’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes listening to the radio, chances are you’ve bounced in your car to one of Ke$ha’s infectious pop tunes. Her 2010 debut album, “Animal,” sold 2.5 million copies, and Ke$ha was declared Billboard’s Hot 100 Artist after the debut of her first single, “TiKToK.”

However, on Saturday March 23, Ke$ha will receive an award not for her musical talents, but for her animal advocacy. The Humane Society of the United States will honor Ke$ha as the recipient of the prestigious Wyler Award at the Genesis Awards Benefit Gala, held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA.

As the Humane Society’s first Global Ambassador for animals, Ke$ha has mobilized her incredible fan base and social media following to get involved with animal advocacy. On Ke$ha’s official website, she spotlights a different animal issue each month. Currently, Ke$ha is promoting “World Spay Day,” which supports spay/neuter as a 100% effective method of birth control for cats and dogs.

“It means so much to me to be recognized by The Humane Society of the United States because advocating for animals is second nature to me,” said Ke$ha. “My affinity with animals and the natural world inspires me and my music. I don’t understand how anyone can justify abusing or exploiting animals, and as long as it continues, I intend to keep talking about it.”

Ke$ha continues to spread awareness about street dogs, the trophy hunting of endangered lions, shark-finning, Canada’s commercial seal slaughter, dog fighting, and cruelty-free cosmetics, in conjunction with the monthly causes she presents on her website.

Grab your tickets to the Genesis Awards Benefit Gala here. All the event’s profits directly benefit Pets for LifeChimps Deserve Better and Farm Animal Protection. You can also sign a petition to stop shark finning here and to end puppy mills here.

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