SXSW Establishes Fund to Aid Victims of Fatal Music Festival Crash

The South by Southwest Festival, with the support of the Austin Police Department, and City of Austin officials, has vowed to continue with the regularly scheduled SXSW programs and concerts following a drunken driving incident on March 13, 2014 that killed two festival goers and injured 23 others.

“If we were to turn away potentially thousands of people who will arrive to see the shows, it would create a serious safety issue,” said SXSW founder Roland Swenson.

In response to the tragic incident, a SXSW Cares Fund has been established to assist the people affected by the accident through a community-based process created by representatives of SXSW, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Austin Community Foundation.

“We have spent today working with SXSW and the City to create a relief fund for the victims,” said James Moody, the owner of Mohawk, the venue where the accident took place. “This is our number one priority — their care and support. We are a community here that exists far beyond the 10 days of SXSW. Our intent is to come together to help the families of each and every one of the victims.”

Those in need of grief counseling can contact the American Red Cross at 800-928-4271 ext 1132.

Anyone interested in donating to the victims and their families should visit

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