Snoop Dogg Leads Anti-Gun Violence Campaign

Snoop Dogg

By Laura Ferreiro

Whether or not you’re aware, you may be investing in gun companies. “How can this be?” you ask. If you have a 401k retirement plan, it’s quite possible that funds from it are being invested in gun companies without your knowledge or consent.

Snoop Dogg wants to help bring this shocking fact to light. Despite rapping lyrics about gunning people down in tunes such as his 1993 hit “Serial Killa,” he has turned over a new leaf and has teamed up with an anti-gun violence campaign called Unload Your 401k to encourage people to make sure their mutual funds are not invested in gun companies.

Jhene Aiko

“How I’ve been affected by gun violence over the years is through deaths of friends and family members and associates,” Snoop Dogg says in a video promoting the campaign.

Pop singer Jhené Aiko and singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc are also lending their voices to the initiative. Aiko says her motivation comes from a life-threatening home invasion where she was held at gunpoint when she was just five years old.

NBA player Matt Barnes and NFL star Bobby Wagner also support the campaign and shared personal stories of how gun violence has affected their lives. “Directly I’ve lost a few friends but I think why this touches my heart is having children of my own,” says Barnes.

The campaign encourages people to look up whether their 401k plans are supporting the gun industry via, and if so, to “unload” these investments.

Whether or not you have a 401k, you can help spread the word about the campaign by using the hashtag #ImUnloading on social media.

In other news, Snoop Dogg will serve as the keynote speaker at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas on March 20. He follows in the footsteps of music-industry heavyhitters including Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga.

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