Ysanne Teams Up With Sea Shepherd to Protect Dolphins & Other Marine Life

By Hilary Gridley This past April, composer and Smashing Pumpkins violinist Ysanne announced a musical partnership to support healthy oceans. Now, as the world watches while Japanese fishermen threaten the lives and well being of hundreds of dolphins, Ysanne has … Continue reading

Smashing Pumpkins violinist Ysanne teams up with non-profits, brands on ambitious ‘Coldwater Project’

By Hilary Gridley Whale populations are dwindling. Without action, their songs may soon find a place not in biology but in mythology, right beside the singing mermaid. Fortunately, composer and violinist Ysanne is teaming up with Sea Shepherd to ensure the … Continue reading

Red Hot Chili Peppers urge fans to help stop the extradition of environmental activist Paul Watson

By Laura Ferreiro The Red Hot Chili Peppers are calling for German authorities to stop the extradition of environmental activist Captain Paul Watson to Costa Rica, and have asked their fans to show their support. Watson is the founder of … Continue reading