In Harmony Podcast Explores Artists’ Wellness Practices and Passions Hosted by M4G Founder Laura Ferreiro

Exploring musicians’ wellness practices and the good causes they support is at the heart of the new In Harmony podcast, hosted by entertainment journalist and M4G Media founder Laura Ferreiro. It features deep-dive conversations with leading figures in music, film, culture and beyond on positive lifestyle habits they’ve adopted, challenges they’ve overcome, and the social causes they champion.

Episode 02 features an in-depth conversation with Glen Phillips, lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket and accomplished singer-songwriter. He discusses his recent adventure climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the power of music to bring people together, his support of the Sierra Club and other environmental nonprofits, his fitness practices, how to stay true to your artistry while making a living, and much more.

In Episode 03, Speedy Ortiz frontwoman Sadie Dupuis shares how she’s staying healthy in mind and body during coronavirus quarantining, her work supporting prison reform and food justice nonprofits, and how she’s helping people connect with lawmakers in support of a more just music industry through her work with the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers. She also shares the scoop on her forthcoming Sad13 solo album and the new single “WTD,” her plant-based, vegan whole-foods diet, her collaboration with popstar Lizzo and much more.

“I wanted to take a deep-dive into the wellness practices of musicians and other renowned artists, discuss how they’ve overcome personal challenges in their lives, and find out how they’re using the platform to support good causes that are important to them,” said In Harmony host Laura Ferreiro. “The podcast format offers the perfect opportunity to have meaningful in-depth conversations that will hopefully be inspiring and informative for listeners.”

Upcoming weekly episodes will feature Sophie Hawley-Weld of Grammy-nominated dance pop duo Sofi Tukker discussing her wellness practices, and Santino Rice of Project Runway and RuPaul’s Drag Race fame who shares how he healed several autoimmune diseases through a living, whole foods, plant-based diet and how he learned to feel comfortable in his own skin.

Check out In Harmony here, on Apple podcasts and wherever you listen to podcasts. Visit Story Harmony here to get tips on telling your brand story.

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