Music for Good promotes the connections between musicians and the good causes they care about most. It was founded by Laura Ferreiro, a journalist (contributing to Yahoo,NME, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, Variety, LA Weekly, Under the Radar and Nylon) and marketing/communications consultant whose greatest passions are writing, music and promoting the great work of non-profits and good causes everywhere.




M4G Media forges partnerships between leading brands, artists and non-profits. We create mutually beneficial campaigns that:

1. Help brands gain positive exposure & reach their target markets.
2. Tap into new audiences & bring potential licensing deals to artists and their music.
                                 3. Raise money and provide exposure for worthy causes.

How it works:
Our custom-built campaigns connect brands and charities with top-tier artists to make a powerful impression. We also help brands implement charitable-giving and cause-marketing campaigns that not only benefit worthwhile causes, but also enhance the brand’s image and increase customer loyalty. It’s win-win-win!

Visit us at musicforgood.tv or contact us at info@musicforgood.tv for more information.

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