Watch: Heart-Melting Moby Video About Pet Adoption

Moby and a furry friend

By Laura Ferreiro

Just in time for the holidays, Moby has released a heart-warming video for his upcoming single, “Almost Home.” The famed animal rights activist and vegan teamed up with the Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles, where he filmed the video alongside several adorable furry friends.

In the inspiring video, Moby holds onto puppies and kittens while flashing signs with the lyrics to his song, which features Damien Jurado on vocals. The lyrics about waking up to find that you’re almost home seem strangely appropriate in this context.

The dogs’ and cats’ personalities shine through in just a few seconds, and the video ends with a snapshot of each animal and a note stating their adoption status, encouraging people to adopt those who haven’t yet found good homes.

The video ends with a message from Moby: “Find your next friend at your local animal shelter. Adopt today.” It’s hard to think of a holiday gift that would bring more joy than a furry critter in need of a home!

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