tUnE-yArDs Quench Thirst by Launching Water Charity Fund


By Laura Ferreiro

In the raucous, percussion-driven romp, “Water Fountain,” tUnE-yArDs’ Merrill Garbus sings, “No water in the water fountain,” but this is a situation she’s actively working to prevent. The indie rock band has announced The Water Fountain Fund, which they established to support non-profit organizations that work on water-related issues including water protection and conservation, climate change and women’s and health issues.

tUnE-yArDs have generously kicked off the fund with proceeds from sales of their latest album, Nikki Nack, as well as a portion of ticket sales and music licensing fees from their songs appearing in ads, television shows and movies. The band is also encouraging their fans to contribute to the fund in order to support organizations that work on water issues around the world.

In a statement on the fund’s homepage, tUnE-yArDs said, “Water is, and will continue to be, a critical resource in our changing world. Over 11% of the global population lacks access to clean drinking water — from Africa to right here in our backyard. In California, we’re feeling the effects of a long-term drought. Pollution and other human impact threatens major water sources, waterways, and shorelines and leaves our most vulnerable communities and environments carrying the majority of the burden.

Thankfully, there are many incredible organizations dedicated to water issues around the world and, in support of their work, we’re excited to announce The Water Fountain.”

Here’s hoping the Water Fountain Fund supports some of our favorite charities that work to provide clean, safe drinking water and hygiene education to communities across the globe: WaterAidDrop in the Bucket and Oxfam America.

Watch tUnE-yArDs perform “Water Fountain” on Conan:

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