Pabst Blue Ribbon Grants Bands’ Wishes Through the PBR Music Foundation

By James Pleasant

Burgeoning bands often face countless obstacles on the road to success, whether it’s a broken down tour van, unexpected illness or even a chance encounter with a crocodile who gobbles up all of their gear (it could happen!) Luckily, Pabst Blue Ribbon is coming to the rescue with its recently launched PBR Music Foundation—a brand-new organization dedicated to helping musicians in need.

Here’s how it works. Musicians and bands from any genre are welcome to seek support from the PBR Music Foundation. They simply need to submit a sincere video explaining why they need the assistance.

Each month, PBR Music Foundation will award one band or musician a grant to help them overcome any hardships they’re facing in maintaining their music career and continuing their dreams.

“Touring bands and musicians know all too well the roadblocks (sometimes literally) that can hurt or hinder their road to success,” the Milwaukee-based brewing company said in a statement. “A van might break down, get a flat, or need a new transmission, or maybe the lead singer got hit with a flying bottle at a show and needs stitches. At the end of the day, these things cost precious time and money, and the more trouble a band has bouncing back quickly the longer it might take them to reach their full potential.”

To qualify, bands and musicians must submit the video and online application to, with bonus points given for creative submissions. The company also requires that the artists have a social media or an online presence.

“Another good prerequisite is to be a passionate, and somewhat well-rehearsed band,” says the spokesman in the official video released to promote the foundation. We don’t want a group of hacks playing shows just to get some tail.”

The launch of the foundation is part of PBR’s continuing involvement in the music industry. The company also holds its annual Project Pabst Music Festival, which is set to take place in Denver, Portland, Atlanta and Philadelphia this spring and summer with headliners including Duran Duran, Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett, Violent Femmes, Ice Cube, Andrew W.K., and additional artists to be announced.

To learn more about the PBR Foundation, click here.

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