Beyonce, Chance the Rapper & Demi Lovato Make List of Most Charitable Stars

Beyonce tops list of most charitable celebrities in 2016

By Kennedi Johnson

Although acts of kindness didn’t always make headlines in 2016, the Celebs Gone Good list reminds us that many artists devoted a large portion of their time to raising funds and awareness for people in need. Online social justice campaign platform,, ranked celebrities who have used their public platform to affect positive in its annual Celebs Gone Good list.

Several renowned musicians made the list, with Beyonce claiming the top spot for her work on gender equity issues, supporting black women in popular culture, raising money for those affected by the Flint Water Crisis, and for organizing a benefit concert to support the Robin Hood Foundation, a non-profit that fights poverty in New York City.

Hamilton writer, composer, and star Lin-Manuel Miranda ranked second on the list for his participation in the “Love Make the World Go Round” musical tribute for the victims and families of the 2016 Pulse shooting in Orlando, Florida. Moreover, Miranda has also helped secure funds for Planned Parenthood.

Demi Lovato

Chance the Rapper also made the list for his work urging fans to register to vote, and for donating to the homeless population of Chicago, as did Demi Lovato for using her public platform to talk openly about mental illness and for raising awareness of sexual assault and bullying issues.

Other important causes the celebrities on the Celebs Gone Good list supported include HIV/AIDS awareness, protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, early childhood education programs, increased support of marginalized people, and flood relief efforts in Louisiana.

Here’s a complete list of celebrities who landed on the Celebs Gone Good list:

1. Beyoncé, 2. Lin-Manuel Miranda, 3. Taylor Swift, 4. Demi Lovato, 5. Shailene Woodley, 6. John Cena, 7. Miley Cyrus, 8. Lady Gaga, 9. Zendaya, 10. Jesse Williams, 11. Gina Rodriguez, 12. Chance the Rapper, 13. Tyler Oakley, 14. Serena Williams, 15. Yara Shahidi, 16. Justin Bieber, 17. Shawn Mendes, 18. Misha Collins, 19. Nyle Dimarco, 20. Aziz Anasari.

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