Rock the Vote Shakes Things Up With Relaunch

Christina Aguilera supports Rock the Vote

By Travis Clark

Just because the midterm elections aren’t until November, it doesn’t mean we can’t get excited for the relaunch of Rock the Vote, the largest non-profit and non-partisan organization in the U.S. that works to drive the young people to the polls.

Rock the Vote was founded in 1990 and has since strived to create a balanced electoral process and encourage young people to cast their votes. One could say it’s the “voice of a generation,” getting young voters to the polls and fighting for voting rights in creative and forward-thinking ways.

The organization has teamed up with several notable musical artists to mobilize a new generation of voters. Among its over 200 celebrity supporters are Pink, J. Cole, the Black Keys, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa and many, many more artists that cover a wide range of musical genres.

With the midterm elections on the horizon, Rock the Vote has rolled out new leadership with the hope of launching the movement even further into the digital age. In an interview with Rolling Stone, RTV president Ashley Spillane said, “Rock The Vote was the first organization to fight to give young people a voice in the political process. By consistently seeking out novel ways to reach new voters, we have run the largest voter registration drives for young people on record during the past six presidential elections.”

Rock the Vote plans reach potential voters at events across the country on National Voter Registration Day on September 23, and Trick or Vote on October 31. The group intends to register 1.5 million new voters in the coming months leading up to November.

To register to vote with RTV, click here.

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